Repair, Refurbish, Customize, Design, Networking, Consultation

Reconstructing an existing system
Conceptualizing your dream machine 
Optimizing your home office interface to suit your needs 
No matter the desire, I will help you reach your goals without breaking the budget

It's not that our prices are competitive.

Our prices are fair.

 An honest pay for an honest days work.

Treat someone as you would want to be treated.

Trust is built and respect is earned.

My passion is helping someone gain the functionality or aesthetic they desire without the frustration of having to do it by themselves

About us

15 years of IT and Design Experience  Backed by             Honest Work Ethic Old World Morals

Our mission

   Making your computer experience easier and more affordable while maintaining personal touch                            and dependability 

Our offer

  • Cleaning and Repair Services
  • Reliable Consultations and Design

Tablets , Laptops, Personal  Computers, Printers, Cellular Devices, Routers, Gaming Consoles, Home Theater, Camera Systems, Smart Home Controls

fall in love with our features

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